General questions

1.Is there a 123ignition for my specific engine available?

Take a look at the wide range of 123ignition products. First please compare the dimensions of the line drawings with your original distributor to be sure you have picked the right mechanical model. The following thing to check are the advance curves. The "Switch" version offers 16 pre-programmed advance curves listed in the curve table. When the advance curves doesn't match with your specific engine, probably the programmable 123TUNE or 123TUNE+ is the right choice for you. With the programmable units it is possible to program your own advance curve. Please be aware you have to find the original curve data yourself, 123ignition doesn't have curve data available.

2.How much are the shipping costs?

Please click on the link for an extensive overview of our delivery times and shipping costs.

3.When can I expect my order to arrive?

We ship to every country on this beautifull planet! Your order will generally be shipped within 1 working day after acceptance of the payment. The parcel is sent insured and with a track & trace service so you will know when to expect the delivery man at your doorstep. In case the ordered product is out of stock at the time of ordering, it will take an average of one week before we are able to have it shipped. From there on the delivery time is out of our controle and up to the delivery service. The delivery time within the Netherlands should be 1 - 2 working days. Within Europe you may count on 3 - 5 working days. All parcels sent outside Europe will be sent by air mail.  

4.What to do when no 123ignition is suitable for my car, boat or other vehicle?

Of course we will try to help you out when no 'standard' 123ignition seems to be suitable. To be able to do so we ask you to send by e-mail ( information on your currently used distributor: Brand, type, pictures (outside the engine, especially the shaft) and drawings with dimensions. First we will try to find out whether there perhaps after all is a 'standard' 123ignition. If not our fine mechanic can adapt a 123/TUNE (USB) or 123/TUNE+ (bluetooth) to fit the sizes of your current distributor. Please note: when your current distributor has a cogwheel we most probably will want to re-use this cogwheel.  With the information in the technical books about your car you can program the advance curves into the 123TUNE(+) yourself. Or you can send this information to us and we will program the unit.
Please see our Facebook page for examples.

5.When do I choose the TUNE USB version and when the TUNE + Bluetooth version?
If your car runs on 2 types of fuel (usually gasoline and gas), the TUNE USB version is recommended. With this version you can easily switch between two curves: curve 1 is the standard to which the yellow wire is not connected and for curve 2 you connect the yellow wire. You can, for example, install this in such a way that the contacting of the yellow wire with the distributor is controlled via a switch in the dashboard.
Attention point for the TUNE USB version: the connector for the plug is fragile.

In all other cases we recommend the TUNE + Bluetooth version. This has the great advantage that the curve is very easy to change using the app on your phone or tablet. Great if you want to regularly "play" with the curve because you are driving a rally, for example. But also if you have a modified motor or a motor for which no standard 123ignition with the correct pre-programmed curve is available. In those cases you can probably do well with a fixed curve. Even then you are well off with the Tune + bluetoot version, because via your telephone you can read all kinds of measurements from, for example, the speed and the engine temperature. Moreover, there is an anti-theft option on this version.
Attention point for the TUNE + Bluetooth version: the software is regularly updated, which means that the app also needs to be regularly updated