For optimum results with your new 123 ignition electronic ignition, you can also install a new ignition coil, spark plugs and spark plug cables. And when your 123 ignition needs a new distributor cap or rotor then you can also go to our webshop. You’ll always find the most common accessories in stock.

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  • Coils

    When you buy an ignition coil at you are assured of an excellent combination with the 123 ignition electronic distributor. The coil will no longer overheat and gives a crackle of a spark!

  • Spark Plugs

    New spark plugs complement the new ignition system for your classic car. 

  • HT leads

    New HT leads complement the new ignition system for your classic car. With your 123 ignition it is important that you use a carbon core spark plug cable set. We have several sets with different cable lengths in stock.

  • Specials like Visa...

    Do you have a 123 ignition with a straight distributor cap while a curved distributor cap would fit better? Or is the used cap or rotor worn? To make your 123 ignition work perfectly, you can order these parts from us.

  • Distributor caps & rotors

    The visa adapter developed by LeenAPK and other smart components for the purpose of your 123 ignition can be found in this category of 'specials'.