What to do when no 123ignition is suitable for my car, boat or other vehicle?

Of course we will try to help you out when no 'standard' 123ignition seems to be suitable. To be able to do so we ask you to send by e-mail (info@123ignitionshop.com) information on your currently used distributor: Brand, type, pictures (outside the engine, especially the shaft) and drawings with dimensions. First we will try to find out whether there perhaps after all is a 'standard' 123ignition. If not our fine mechanic can adapt a 123/TUNE (USB) or 123/TUNE+ (bluetooth) to fit the sizes of your current distributor. Please note: when your current distributor has a cogwheel we most probably will want to re-use this cogwheel.  With the information in the technical books about your car you can program the advance curves into the 123TUNE(+) yourself. Or you can send this information to us and we will program the unit.
Please see our Facebook page for examples.