Aston Martin

Aston Martin

How does the 123ignition work for your classic Aston Marton 4 and 6 cylinder?

In the design of a 123ignition distributor, all mechanical parts such as contact points, centrifugal weights, springs, bearings and the vacuum membrane have been replaced by only one rotating part: the central shaft with rotor.

This shaft is mounted on top and bottom in a bronze bush and halfway is an oil seal. The computer in the 123ignition provides the correct advance and the optimum ignition angle at different speeds. This gives you a maximum strong spark at every speed with your new distributor.

The parts used to set the time of the 123 ignition are not subject to wear! Once properly adjusted, you don't have to worry about it.

A small switch behind the Allen screw in the housing allows you to select the correct ignition curve for your engine. The advance curves are pre-programmed in the 'switch' version of the 123ignition.

The main reason mentioned by our customers to purchase a 123 ignition is reliability. Lucas is often called "king of darkness", and for a reason. A well known Aston Martin restorer from nearby Boskoop mentions that the engine has started to run more smoothly, calmly and more quietly.

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