123/BMW: Improve Your Classic BMW's Performance with 123ignition


Are you the proud owner of a classic BMW? Whether you're driving a vintage BMW 2002, E9, or any other classic BMW model, you know that these cars are special. They have a timeless design and a driving experience that is truly unique. But as with any classic car, maintaining your BMW's performance and reliability can be a challenge.

Why 123ignition?

One of the most important components of any engine is the ignition system. Without a reliable ignition system, your car won't run properly, and you could be left stranded on the side of the road. Traditional, mechanical ignitions wear out over time, decreasing the reliability, fuel efficiency and overall driving experience of your classic BMW. This is where the 123ignition comes in. These electronic ignition systems have been expertly crafted for use in oldtimer BMW cars, and offer improved performance and reliability over mechanical ignition systems. Since everything is electronically controlled, there is no need for any moving parts that degrade over time. 


Install and Forget

This is one of the key advantages of the “switch” version of the 123ignition system: it's simple and low maintenance. Just use the switch to choose the optimized timing and advance curve for your engine, and immediately improve performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability. Once you’ve set the right timing and advance curve, you’ll never have to give it a second thought.



We have two different switch variants of the 123ignition:

- The 4 cylinder version for BMW M10 engines

- The 6 cylinder version for BMW M30 engines

Can’t find the right ignition for your car, or want more customizability? Be sure to check out our TUNE+ variants.


At 123ignitionshop, we are passionate about classic cars, and we know that BMW enthusiasts demand the best. So that's exactly what we’re offering. If you want to upgrade your classic BMW's performance and reliability, trust 123ignitionshop to deliver the best in modern ignition technology for your classic car.

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