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123/B30-R-V-IE for Volvo 164, Marcos 3000GT, Volvo C303, Volvo Penta AQ165/AQ170 is a unit that fits the B30 6-cylinder Volvo carburetor and fuel injection engines. It fits cars, trucks and boats (VOLVO PENTA).

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123/B30-R-V-IE distributor for Volvo B30 engines

The 123/B30-R-V-IE is a unit that fits the B30 6-cylinder Volvo carburetor and fuel injection engines in Volvo 164, Marcos 3000GT, Volvo C303, Volvo Penta AQ165/AQ170 etc. It fits cars, trucks and boats (VOLVO PENTA).

It has advance-curves for B30-A, B30-E, B30-F, B30-VALP & B30-Penta engines.

Features of the 123/B30-R-V-IE electronic ignition

Next to optimized curves for several engines the unit also offers optimized LPG/Ethanol-curves for each engine. With a switch you can easily choose the advance-curve that is specified for your specific engine. The unit offers a built-in LED for easy static timing and several different advance-curves.

It also offers:
- Vacuum advance
- Automatic dwell
- Spark balancing
- Automatic power-cut after 1 second
- Gear shift retard

Injection-outputs are standard for this product.

Please note the following about the 123/B30-R-V-IE 123ignition

Please read the installation manual carefully. It contains more information on the motor- and distributor numbers, static timing and the advance-curves, the specifications of the 123ignition and a step-by-step description of the installation procedure.

Coil and spark plugs

Although used coils all look alike, they should be viewed with suspicion since one cannot tell from the outside whether, and how often they were exposed to overheating in the past. Installing the 123ignition system will ensure that the coil will never be overheated again in future. We recommend our 123 Red Coil.

Perhaps you will also need new spark plugs? At 123ignitionshop we recently added the spark plugs most commonly used in combination with the 123ignitions we offer. See: the spark plugs list.

Complete set

Now also the complete set can be ordered in one go: a 123/B30-R-V-IE distributor + Bosch ignition coil red + set of 6 spark plugs NGK BPR6HS + spark plug cables

Data sheet

Direction of rotation
4,0 - 15,0 volts
500 - 8000 rpm
-30 to 100 Celsius
Stock or high energy coil, primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
Constant current, fully automatic
After 1 second current is switched off
Less than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
With vacuum, also works without when not connected.
Max. Advance
45 degr. crankshaft
red +6V of +12V, black - coil
Kai 2016-01-29

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, guter Kontakt !

Gutes Preisleistungsverhältnis.
Einfache Installation.
Mein Volvo Penta AQ 170 A läuft mit dem neuen Verteiler super, besser als vorher.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden.Danke !!!