Strobe Light

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Stroboscope adjustment lamp, necessary for adjusting the ignition timing of your 123ignition.

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We have been using this no-nonsense stroboscope lamp in the workshop for more than 10 years. The xenon flash lamp gives a lot of light and due to the narrow design with articulated arm you can also reach hard to reach places.

How to use the strobe light:

  • Connect the lamp to a 12V battery
  • Place the current clamp around the spark plug cable of cylinder 1

You can now display the ignition time:

  • The most convenient is to mark the desired ignition point with a white line (typex). This reflects well when the lamp flashes.
  • You can get the most out of your workshop manual for the ignition timing. In many cars, 8 degrees before top dead center, without vacuum advance, is specified by the manufacturer.
  • You can then adjust the ignition time very precisely. You do this by equating the dash with the engine running.

See also the video Adjusting the timing spark.

The lamp is of good quality and lasts longer than most competing products. Be careful that the cables do not end up on the manifold or in the fan.

Technical specifications:
Operating voltage: 12 V.
Speed ​​range: up to 10,000 rpm

frank de weegh 2022-02-05


,,,,sehr einfach zu bedienen ,  robustes material  ,  und man braucht kein meister zu sein om das alles zu kapieren !

F. Bontenbal 2020-12-01

Prima stroboscoop lamp

Tijdje getwijfeld of ik wel zo'n stroboscoop lamp moest aanschaffen. Inmiddels ben ik om, een stroboscoop lamp is onmisbaar om de ontsteking goed af te kunnen stellen. Lamp voelt degelijk aan en lijkt het geld tot nu toe meer dan waard.

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