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Adapter kit Austin Healey 6 cylinder

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Adapter kit for Austin Healey 6 cylinder, consisting of 4 parts. This adapter kit is needed if you want to use a 123ignition in your Austin Healey model BN4, BN6, BN7, BJ7 and BT7. You do not need this adapter set for a BJ8.

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(1) Metal sleeve, outer diameter approx. 12.45mm, inner diameter approx. 10.2mm, length approx. 30mm

(2) Metal ring, slotted, outer diameter approx. 36.6mm, inner diameter approx. 27.3mm, thickness approx. 4mm, slot width approx. 2mm

(3) Small metal tube, outer diameter about 3.9mm, inner diameter about 3mm, length about 9.5mm

(4) Roll pin, outer diameter approx. 3mm, length approx. 20mm


The metal sleeve (1) compensates for the difference in the diameters of the two distributor shafts when the original Lucas distributor drive is placed on the shaft of the 123ignition. During installation, a 3mm hole must be drilled through this metal sleeve. More on that later.


Before the original drive of the Lucas distributor is attached, the metal ring (2) is pushed from below over the "neck" of the 123ignition up to the top. Since the 123ignition is approx. 4mm too long overall, the metal ring compensates for the difference in height. After installation, this metal ring sits exactly in the clamp that holds the distributor in place. The slot in the metal ring allows the distributor to be clamped with the original clamp.


The small metal tube (3) reduces the diameter of the mounting hole that goes through the shaft of the 123ignition. Since the holes in the original drive (hardened steel) can only accommodate a 3mm roll pin, but the hole in the shaft of the 123ignition has a diameter of 4mm, the tube eliminates all play in the fastening.


The roll pin (4) is used to attach the original Lucas distributor drive to the shaft of the 123ignition. To do this, however, you still have to drill a 3mm hole through the sleeve (1). Carefully measure the distance from the hole on the 123ignition shaft to the 123ignition housing. The 3mm hole in the sleeve (1) should be approx. 0.4mm away from the edge of the sleeve (1) so that the sleeve does not rub against the distributor housing during operation.


After the conversion, the distributor shaft should have an axial play of approx. 0.2-0.3mm. This is achieved by inserting suitable washers between the tachometer drive and the distributor housing.

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