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123/MINI-R-V complete system


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Now all in one order: a 123/MINI-R-V distributor + coil + set of 4 spark plugs + spark plug wires.

The 123ignition MINI-R-V is designed with the Mini enthusiast in mind. It is available for the old 'pre-A-plus' Mini and Morris Minor.

123/MINI-R-V distributor for the old 'pre-A-plus' Mini and Morris Minor

The 123/MINI-R-V is designed with the Mini enthusiast in mind. It is available for the old 'pre-A-plus' Mini and Morris Minor.

Features of the 123/MINI-R-V electronic ignition

The unit is laid out in such a way, that static timing can be done on TDC, by means of the built-in LED. The 16 curves are nicely divided over the spectrum, so that the unit lends itself perfectly for tuning.

The unit also offers:
- Vacuum advance
- Automatic dwell
- Automatic power-cut after 1 second
- Gear shift retard

Please note about the 123/MINI-R-V 123ignition

Often mistakes are made in ordering the right 123ignition for the Mini. Please check carefully whether you'll need a pre-plus version or an A-plus version. In combination with an A-plus engine please order: 123/MINI-R-V-A+. The pre-plus engines were made until circa 1980.

Please read the installation manual carefully. It contains more information about motor- and distributor numbers, static timing and the advance-curves, the specifications of the 123ignition and a step-by-step description of the installation procedure. The installation manual also offers a comprehensive list, that links a curve-setting to a particular engine.

Coil and spark plugs

As used coils often were exposed to overheating in the past, the set contains a 123 Blue Coil.
This set also offers 4 spark plugs and new spark plug wires.

Data sheet

Direction of rotation
4,0 - 15,0 volts
500 - 8000 rpm
-30 to 100 Celsius
Stock or high energy coil, primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
Constant current, fully automatic
After 1 second current is switched off
Less than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
With vacuum, also works without when not connected.
Max. Advance
45 degr. crankshaft
red +6V of +12V, black - coil

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