123 Blue Coil

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The 123 Blue Coil is a high-performance ignition coil specially designed for 2- and 4-cylinder engines. It offers improved performance and reliability compared to the original Bosch Blue Coil (part number 0 231 119 027) and features a sleek and classic design that complements the aesthetic of classic cars. When upgrading to the 123 Blue Coil, it is recommended to also replace the HT leads and spark plugs for optimal performance and longevity.

Don't settle for less, choose the 123 Blue Coil for superior ignition performance.

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The 123 Blue Coil: The Perfect Ignition Coil for 2- and 4-Cylinder Engines

Are you looking for a high-performance ignition coil that's perfectly suited for 2- and 4-cylinder engines? Look no further than the 123 Blue Coil - an improvement on the Bosch Blue Coil. Our team of experts have selected and tested this coil to work seamlessly with the 123ignition-system in 2- and 4-cylinder engines, elevating performance and dependability beyond that of the original Bosch Blue Coil.

Superior Performance and Durability for 2- and 4-Cylinder Engines

The 123 Blue Coil is not just a replacement for the Bosch Blue Coil, it's an improvement. Extensive research and testing went into finding the perfect replacement for the Bosch Blue Coil (Part Number: 0 231 119 027), known for its high performance and reliability in 2- and 4-cylinder engines. Our research and testing led us to an ignition coil that outperforms the Bosch Blue Coil. The 123 Blue Coil is guaranteed to provide enhanced performance and longevity over the Bosch Blue Coil and other coils, and is fully compatible with your 123ignition system.

Visually Appealing Design of the 123 Blue Coil to Match Your Classic Car

The 123 Blue Coil not only boasts exceptional performance and reliability but also boasts a unique and elegant design. The black finish, paired with a heat-resistant blue sticker and the "123" logo embossed on top, gives it a classic, timeless look that seamlessly complements the aesthetic of classic cars. While the Bosch Blue Coil may have been a great ignition coil, our new 123 Blue Coil takes it to the next level with not only improved performance and durability, but also a classic and visually pleasing design that will elevate the look of your classic car.

Ensure Seamless Integration with the 123 Blue Coil with Our Matching HT Leads and Spark Plugs

Improve the performance and longevity of your 2- or 4-cylinder engine by upgrading to the high-performance 123 Blue Coil and pairing it with our top-of-the-line HT leads and spark plugs. While the 123 Blue Coil provides exceptional performance on its own, it's important to also replace any worn or outdated components in your ignition system. By upgrading all parts at once, you'll ensure that your engine runs at its best and avoid issues such as misfires. Enhance your classic car's performance and appearance with the ultimate ignition upgrade: the 123 Blue Coil and our high-performance HT leads and spark plugs.

Discover the Right Ignition Coil for Your Classic Car in Our Collection of High-Performance Coils

At 123ignitionshop, we understand the importance of finding the perfect ignition coil for your classic car. That's why we've curated a collection of high-performance coils that cater to a variety of engine types. Whether you're looking for a 2-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder ignition coil, our selection of ignition coils is sure to have the right one for you. With our guidance, you can trust that you're getting the best coil for your classic car. Explore our selection and find the ideal ignition coil to enhance your classic car's performance and durability.

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55 mm
Primary resistance
2.9 Ω
secondary resistance
8,1 Ω
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