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123/GB-4-R complete system for Landrover 2.25L (without vacuum)

VAT included

Now available in one order, the complete set for the Land Rover 2.25L: the 123/GB-4-R distributor WITHOUT vacuum advance + ignition coil + set of 4 spark plugs + spark plug wires!

Complete electronic ignition set for a Land Rover 2.25L

Now you can order the complete set for the Land Rover 2.25L in one go:

The 123/GB-4-R ignition replaces most 4 cylinder Lucas distributors

As with most other 123 ignitions, this 123ignition features 16 ignition curves for the price of one! The correct ignition curve is set by turning a switch on the side of the housing into the correct position. Ready!

Features of the 123ignition 123/GB-4-R

The ignition is further equipped with:
- Automatically adjust the contact angle
- Automatic power cut after 1 second
- Delay of ignition timing during gear shifting (gear shift retard)

Considerations for the 123/GB-4-R

We recommend that you thoroughly compare the dimensions of the 123/GB-R with those of your original dealer before placing your order.

The 123/GB-4-R is a 123 ignition WITHOUT vacuum advance. If you need this, you can order the complete set with the 123/GB-4-R-V.

Please read the 123ignition installation manual carefully. The manual contains further information on ignition timing and advance curves (often on the last page), as well as specifications for the 123 ignition. The installation procedure to be followed for the 123 ignition system is also described step by step.

Ignition coil and spark plugs

NB: Used ignition coils are often no longer in good condition. It is not possible to determine how often an ignition coil has been exposed to overheating in the past. That is why we have included the 123 Blue Coil so that you can be sure that this coil will no longer overheat.

Spark plug wires

Ideal in combination with the 123ignition spark plug wires for the Landrover 2.25L. A suppressed silicone cable with a carbon core.


  • coil cable: 40 cm, an angled cap and a straight cap
  • 3x 33 cm, an angled cap and a straight cap
  • 1x 37 cm, an angled cap and a straight cap

Please check whether the length of the above spark plug wires corresponds to what you need for your car.


Data sheet

Direction of rotation
4,0 - 15,0 volts
500 - 8000 rpm
-30 to 100 Celsius
Stock or high energy coil, primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
Constant current, fully automatic
After 1 second current is switched off
Less than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
Max. Advance
45 degr. crankshaft
red +6V of +12V, black - coil

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