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123/TUNE 6-R-V-M (USB) coplete system for W114 engines

123/TUNE 6-R-V-M (USB) complete system for W114 engines


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Now all parts in one order: a 123/TUNE Mercedes-6-R-V distributor + ignition coil + set of 6 spark plugs + spark plug cables!

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Complete electronic ignition set for Mercedes W114 engines.

Now all parts in one order: a 123/TUNE-6-R-V-M distributor + ignition coil + set of 6 spark plugs + spark plug cables!

Contents of the set

  • The 123/TUNE-6-R-V-M is specially designed for 6 cylinder Mercedes W114 engines WITH vacuum advance.
  • Because old ignition coils have often been overheated, a 123 Red Coil is included in this set.
  • A set of 6 spark plugs and spark plug wires have also been added.

Attention points with the 123/TUNE-6-R-V-M electronic ignition

The spark plug wires are suitable for (check the length of the wires):

(W114) 250 M 114.920 01.68 - 08.72
(W114) 250 M 114.920 07.68 - 08.72
Coupe (W114) 250 C M 114.920 04.69 - 06.72
Coupe (W114) 250 CE M 114.980 04.69 - 04.72

About the 123/TUNE-6-R-V-M

Programming your ideal advance curve? The 123/TUNE ignition enables you to do so. Just using a (shielded) USB cable and notebook. So if you want to tune your engine or have an engine that does not have a standard distributor available... the 123/TUNE can help you out. You can easily setup the 123/TUNE to fulfill even the most demanding requirements.
The "M" model will replace most Bosch distributors, for example used in Mercedes (please check dimensions before ordering). The 123/TUNE-6-R-V-M for 6 cylinders comes (only) with an upright cap.

For more information about this ignition like the features and installation, please click here.


Data sheet

Direction of rotation
4,0 - 15,0 volts
500 - 8000 rpm
-30 to 100 Celsius
Stock or high energy coil, primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
Constant current, fully automatic
After 1 second current is switched off
Less than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
Programmable: -20 / +20 degrees.
Max. Advance
45 degr. crankshaft
red +6V or +12V, black '-' ignition coil, blue chassis ground, yellow curve selector
Earth type
Suitable for negative and positive earth systems
Programmable via USB cable with Windows PC Software

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